Wanstead Golf Club 2012

In January 2012 we were contacted by a representative of Wanstead Golf Club, we were told that each year the club captains of the Gentlemen and Ladies sections chose a worthy cause to raise money for during their captaincy year.

Having told us that they had contacted other “Big name” children’s wish granting organizations and requested a meeting or a representative to visit and discuss their proposals to benefit the charity, they were rather surprised at some of the responses received.

Luckily for Dial A Dream and due to the negative responses received from the big boys, we had reached the top of the list.
We had reached and exceeded the clubs criteria, both being a local based organization and most importantly genuine volunteers. No big chunks of the forthcoming donations being spirited away on wages or expenses.

A meeting was arranged and within days our Dial A Dream secretary, Bob Heath, visited the Golf Club premises and met with both Captains and various committee members.
John Kemp, the Men’s Captain and Jeannie Hollick, Ladies Captain, outlined their proposals, including planned events at club level with the main beneficiary being Dial A Dream.

Previous Captains had raised between 3k and 15k. John Kemp had already intimated to Bob that he was out to beat the previous club fundraising record, John said this with a twinkle in his eye.

As this year was to coincide with Queen Elizabeth’s Jubillee and the Olympics there would be a lot of activity in he capital.


Bob receives the cheque from Club Captains.

At the presentation of the funds raised one of the recipient children and her immediate family members were invited to attend and it was on this occasion that the child was informed that her Dream, to visit Florida and enjoy a family holiday was about to be realized.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to all the members of Wanstead Golf and Country Club for their sterling efforts and a special thank you to John Kemp and Jeannie Hollick and their dedicated team of helpers without whom, not only would the dreams of at least 3 children would not have been realised but they had given a lifeline to “Dial A Dream giving us funding to continue into 2013 and beyond realizing the Dreams of children, suffering from a diagnosed life threatening or life limiting illness.


The surprise is sprung, when the Dream child is informed that her Dream is to be realized.
L. To R . Fred Wooding ( DAD Committee ) Jeannie Hollick, John Kemp, Dream Child and Family and Bob Heath.

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  1. Bob says:

    The Dial A Dream website has been revamped to allow us to move forward and to make it easier for potential applicants to down load the application forms in a speedier manner.

    It is now 21 years since we began and during the interim years we have been instrumental in making the dreams of really sick children become a reality. Over 1000 to date.
    During that time the committee and trustees have changed, that’s progress.
    To all those that have assisted this organisation over the years, we thank you most sincerely. To those that have selflessly given their time and expertise a special thank you.

    To those that continue to support us, where would we be without you?
    We have continued as we began, no wages no big admin bills to waste the hard earned donations committed to Dial A Dream.
    How many other charities can say that with impunity.

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