Nominate a Child

If you would like to nominate a child, you will need to complete an application form.

Before you can download one of the available forms, you need to read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Please indicate you have read and agreed to them by ticking the check box and entering your email address into the the form field below.

Once you have done this, click the Submit button to be directed to the download area of this web site where you will be able to download all the appropriate forms.

Once you have done so, print off in their entirety, staple or clip together (In doing so you will be completing your Dial A Dream application file).

Return the completed document to us and we will contact you in due course.

Send to: Dial A Dream. 7 Addison Road, Wanstead. London. E11 2RG.  Tel: 020-8530-5589

To avoid disappointments, misunderstandings and to protect the confidentiality and privacy of recipients and their families, we respectfully request that only parents or legal guardians of nominated children should complete these forms.

These forms should be considered as legal instruments, requiring signatures, declarations and undertakings that should be considered as legal and binding.

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